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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

hey gals..i dun have holidays one until next sem end ..so sad la..wow chel gg japan cool!! enjoy urself..n stayover during weekend or weekdays? this fri go watch firework hao ma? cause is singapore firework festival this fri n sat lol!!!!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
This friday

hey girlies!

this friday pls confirm free or not hor. actually is xuan only la. same old la. sms le nvr reply de. at least msg ku and nee will reply. hahahaha. and do suggest plans for this friday k?

as for the stayover at sentosa, just to inform, i'll be going to japan from 13th sep to 21st sep. so those 2 weekends busted liao. hahaha.

so xuan, plan the stayover thing can? =D

thank you!! ^_^

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Sunday, August 17, 2008


hello hello!
our blog like really dead le.
can we like post something?
hoho (:

oh hmm, let's plan a stayover somewhere.
am suggesting to go to kampung hut at sentosa, so we can walk along the beach at night. It'll be really fun! But they only have 2 double decks there, which means only 4 bed. so we have to share beds.

neenee when's your holiday?
and maybe we can go on a weekend cos na and chel no work. but this cannot drag le cos we like that dragdragdrag later chel go study le then we cannot play le.

please do reply alright.
love ya girlies (:


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5:43 PM

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