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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
official graduation tomorrow

// rong.

there we are.
meeting up again tomorrow!
all dressed up ready to graduate officially from SP!
i hope we don't forget to leave behind a group photo tmr as a momento alright?!

much loves.

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2:50 PM

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Friday, May 23, 2008

hey gals, mi friend's sis gg to buy clothes from cleocat..n she need to have min 15 pieces to order..this is the webby http://www.cleocat-fashion.com/ ..Pls tell mi if u all interested to buy..if u are , pls send mi an email on the url of the clothes..There is a postage of s$1 for every postage..Pls notice =p the clothes there are really nice n cheap..but for bags if u all want , see can reach 6 bags if nt we are unable to purchase..cause is a wholesale so we have to buy in bulks. hehe..pls send mi by today..cause mi frienx sis want it by today..thanks lots..

To nana-Congrats finally found ur job !! hope u will enjoy the job..All the best! My seat is beside chel..but nw i forget again.hee.will rmb to blog next time.. :X
To chel- u finally gt companion..hehe..wont be bored alreadi..hee
To xuan-Gd luck for all ur tests for the teaching...Jia you!!
To rong- Jia you for ur job searching!! As well as ur EPT test!! if u gt problems for maths n if i noe can teach u...dun wrry so much ok gal..once u refresh ur memory n practice more..u can do it one!! Jia you!! =p

Today is finally a day outing for our gals.!! yipee!! hope to see u all at clarify cafe!!hehe..miss ya lots...looking forward to it

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9:30 AM

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

hello!! updates! i will be working with chel starting tml! =)

oh anyways, my seat number for the graduation ceremony is


*do update your number here also eh. so we know who's near us. =)

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12:17 PM

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

oh ya babes
is this blog made private already?

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8:58 PM

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hey girlies, check this out
u guys may be bored to death at work
lunching-in the office all alone
hope this may help
pretty lil cupcakes found below:



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5:27 PM

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Friday, May 16, 2008
i know i'm hogging the blog

i know i'm bombarding the blog. but i really wanna say this.



you girls nvr fail to make my day. even just a phone call will always lighten my load. you girls have nvr failed to listen to my woes and give me great advice which i listen to. i love what you girls say cuz it really opens up my eyes to see things in a new light. i love the jokes u girls crack up. i love the little things that u girls do. i love the little mistakes u girls do, and we'd all laugh about it when we reminisce. i love the endless chatter. i love the times when we'd be thinking the same thing.

i miss u girls so much. i'm very much looking forward to next friday (23rd may). u all better come arh!! or else I. WILL. HUNT. YOU. DOWN. =X.


ps. i'll try not to do anything to u if u dun come but i cant guarantee much. =X hahahahaha.

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12:57 AM

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Thursday, May 15, 2008


hello pretties!!

the earth is so wrong nowadays. im so afraid that something might happen to us.
so, please please please take good care of yourself!!!

love you guys so much!!! =)

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1:30 PM

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missing u guys so much!! shall we have a day to go to the zoo or sentosa then go ton at tana hse??? pwetty pwetty pwease... -innocent look- (ok i know na, most prolly like o.O!! but.. yar. =X) hahahaha.

kukuku!!! nxt GNO must MuSt MUst MUST come hor. in any case, this applies to all. not just kuku chua hor.

nanana~~!! =D i have no idea what to say. hahaha. except, good luck in job finding!!!

xuanie~~, love your hair. and this one will last much longer than the last one. ^_^

nee nee~~ dun work too hard wo~ must rmb to eat ur lunch arh. rmb i got one bao to kia in my office. i'll know when u dun eat properly hor~

girlies~ i miss u all sooooo much. looking forward to the time when ALL meet up. =))

chel` ^_^

ps, kinda like na's post hor. hahaha.

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12:10 AM

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


hello pretties! my first post here. hees. to be honest, i've never had popeyes before lehs. but as to what we gonna eat this fri, you guys decide ok! im fine with anything. =)

rong and xuan! for the moe, nie thing right, i suggest you both go for the briefing first then decide? its like a huge decision that you both have to give serious thoughts to it right? =)

nee! i long time didnt see you le. you always seems so busy with work. hees! jiayou ok!

chel! till now i've not replied your mail lehs. i've run out of stamps. waiting for my sister to stock up. lols!

to all! i miss you all so much. really really wanna thank you guys for being my friend, changing my life and everything. =)

love ya!

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1:19 PM

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Monday, May 12, 2008


Hey babes, can we have the outing this Fri like what Chel suggested? Oh and where is the Popeye at Singapore Flyer? I only ate that once at the airport and I LOVE IT. can we go have that this friday? *Yummy* (:

anyway work's really great here and im really sad that i have to tender if im going to NIE. so sad. Rongrong im still waiting for your answer. wouldnt it be nice if we can go study together? If you r going for it then i dun need to think bout it anymore i will fly there.. *Zoom* [ok, im bored here] yes i know we will be 28 years young le but wouldnt it be very fun to be part of someone's life. especially the lil lil ones? (: go for it go for it!

Oh, and the bad news. i just did a perm and it's horrible. quite pong. I told the hairdresser i wanted something cute and he gave me this kind of pong. so sad. i wanna cut my hair off. can someone help me? *Sads

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11:54 AM

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

girls.. things do not seem to be going well huh? pray that everything will be better!!

anywayz, maybe we can push forward our GNO/GDO to this fri? what do u think? =)) i heard from my sister there's this great place to eat dim sum for $15.80++. if u girls watched 省钱王, it was featured there. hahaha.


NTU application didn't get thru... =((

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5:15 PM

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Friday, May 9, 2008


Finally i login>< yup..i agree with rong..popeye at singapore flyer is a very nice place to chat and the food there is better than kfc..=) simply love there!! let go there try someday..or any of u gt any places in mind want to go ..just throw in more suggestion hee..we accumulate it and place it into a schedule and post it on blog then dun need to headache go where..hehe...wat u all think ...

Rong N nana hope u all find job soon =] dun wrry ..will have alot of job outside...

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2:58 PM

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ah ah. shall we throw in suggestions on where to eat next gdo -23rd may.

dine at: popeyes (i dont mind kfc if you guys want somewhere nearer) venue: singapore flyer. reason: big place, tasty, affordable! right nee? =D

my girls, throw out all the suggestions u can think of! =D


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1:30 PM

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my girlies
hope you guys have all been well, living each day to the fullest.
xin rong's gg to work for an event job on 10 to 15th at suntec.
but they haven called me up. they better dont last min say dun want me anymore
pray for me girls!
$$$$$$$$ here i come (:

godzilla, have u found a job?!
is your dad okay? ):

xuan, has smu contacted you? how was the interview that day?
hows everything at work?

neeeeeee, you're still ot-ing non stop? ):
wait for my blood to clear and then we can go swimming. i need new costumes actually.

chel, i read your blog, you're still crazy over the concert aren't you? air supply having concert in june neh i think! *excited. hahahaha!

ah! mygirls!


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1:04 PM

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Thursday, May 8, 2008


Hi my babes! It's the alternate ladies week again! Please indicate ur attendance before 12 midnight. If not there'll be a fine.


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10:29 AM

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Did i do something? The wishlist column is gone..... =/

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12:38 PM

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Hihi! So nice to have this blog. (: will try to update as much as i can alright? hahas. Anyway, i have no idea how i can edit the wishlist thingy. This blogging thing is always so complicated. =/ Can someone help?

And YES! i wanna go to tana house. im waiting im waiting im waiting im waiting so desperately! *wootz* is this coming weekend okie? The jacuzzi, the steam bathe and boat, the sharing of stories, the ultra nice morning skies, the sleeping in the living room, the ordering of food (delivery)! *Drooling*

Love ya babes. (:

Oh and i realise we dun have a tagboard?

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12:16 PM

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Saturday, May 3, 2008
tana house tana house ton ton ton!

GIRLS!! when we going to tana house to ton again??!?!?! i wanna bring u all go eat the supper there. super nice!!! see all the nice food?!?!!?

see see?? the food looks good right!?!?!?! pls arrange one day to go soon!!


me and nee ^_^

me and ku!

me and xuan!

me and na.

i'm sure it's very obvious tt it's me (chel) who's blogging. hahahaha


chel` ^_^

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10:35 PM

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SembWinds Concert!

Band of Sembawang Secondary School,
is having a concert!

Date: June 28, 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Nanyang Girls' High School Auditorium
Nanyang Girls' High School
2 Linden Drive
Singapore 288735

- Standard ticket (Free Seating) - $10
- Golden ticket (Premium Seats) - S$20 (and/or above)

Feel free to contact any band members of SembWinds or me should there be any enquiries.
Mobile: 96341408

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10:10 PM

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