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Friday, May 9, 2008


my girlies
hope you guys have all been well, living each day to the fullest.
xin rong's gg to work for an event job on 10 to 15th at suntec.
but they haven called me up. they better dont last min say dun want me anymore
pray for me girls!
$$$$$$$$ here i come (:

godzilla, have u found a job?!
is your dad okay? ):

xuan, has smu contacted you? how was the interview that day?
hows everything at work?

neeeeeee, you're still ot-ing non stop? ):
wait for my blood to clear and then we can go swimming. i need new costumes actually.

chel, i read your blog, you're still crazy over the concert aren't you? air supply having concert in june neh i think! *excited. hahahaha!

ah! mygirls!


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