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Friday, May 23, 2008

hey gals, mi friend's sis gg to buy clothes from cleocat..n she need to have min 15 pieces to order..this is the webby http://www.cleocat-fashion.com/ ..Pls tell mi if u all interested to buy..if u are , pls send mi an email on the url of the clothes..There is a postage of s$1 for every postage..Pls notice =p the clothes there are really nice n cheap..but for bags if u all want , see can reach 6 bags if nt we are unable to purchase..cause is a wholesale so we have to buy in bulks. hehe..pls send mi by today..cause mi frienx sis want it by today..thanks lots..

To nana-Congrats finally found ur job !! hope u will enjoy the job..All the best! My seat is beside chel..but nw i forget again.hee.will rmb to blog next time.. :X
To chel- u finally gt companion..hehe..wont be bored alreadi..hee
To xuan-Gd luck for all ur tests for the teaching...Jia you!!
To rong- Jia you for ur job searching!! As well as ur EPT test!! if u gt problems for maths n if i noe can teach u...dun wrry so much ok gal..once u refresh ur memory n practice more..u can do it one!! Jia you!! =p

Today is finally a day outing for our gals.!! yipee!! hope to see u all at clarify cafe!!hehe..miss ya lots...looking forward to it

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