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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


hello pretties! my first post here. hees. to be honest, i've never had popeyes before lehs. but as to what we gonna eat this fri, you guys decide ok! im fine with anything. =)

rong and xuan! for the moe, nie thing right, i suggest you both go for the briefing first then decide? its like a huge decision that you both have to give serious thoughts to it right? =)

nee! i long time didnt see you le. you always seems so busy with work. hees! jiayou ok!

chel! till now i've not replied your mail lehs. i've run out of stamps. waiting for my sister to stock up. lols!

to all! i miss you all so much. really really wanna thank you guys for being my friend, changing my life and everything. =)

love ya!

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